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Here is an overview on the wide range of the services I can offer you as an expert in the various fields you see below. All of them encompass culture, language, history all past and present – and people. However, it goes without saying that your personal interests and expectations have priority.
Therefore let me know what these are and I‘ll design for you a tailored programme.
I am looking forward to your request.

Multilingual cityguide

Having lived for more than 25 years in Munich, I am increasingly fascinated by the city and its people.

This is why my enthusiasm for history became a second profession. As a certified cityguide of the Bavarian capital I specialize on compelling city tours. Allow me to take you around this city, being so rich in art and culture. Tours can be arranged either by foot or by bus, individually or in a small group.

You will visit known and hidden nooks and crannies. You get acquainted with old crafts and workshops and/or you‘ll stroll through the latest exhibitions in the city‘s museums and galleries.
You have the choice to listen to my stories in English, French, Dutch and German, depending, of course, on what language you prefer. You‘ll get to know facts of the historic and modern Munich, larded with lively anecdotes around history without neglecting the social, economic and political context.

I promise you won't get bored.

Intercultural trainer and lecturer for German as a foreign language (DaF)

Having experienced numerous stays abroad, I realize that the importance of awareness and understanding of other cultures is an absolute must in order to get along with your business partner.
Being a certified intercultural trainer and European Culture Mediator I know about the unspoken rules and meanings in other cultures. I have learned: never interprete someone from another culture based on your own cultural values. Therefore I motivate my students in in-company courses to raise awareness of cultural diversity and develop intercultural competence.

Lifelong learning, curiosity and openess help me to stay current in this constantly changing globalized world.
In addition to intercultural trainings I can look back on a long experience as a lecturer of German as a foreign language (DaF) for expats in international companies where I teach German as a common and/or business language depending on their needs.

Journalist and PR-Consultant

After long years as an editor with renowned economic and management publications in Paris and Hamburg and later as a free-lance journalist, I now concentrate on company-owned magazines and on the moderation of press talks and - conferences in the languages mentioned above.

Interpreter and translator

Having worked for more than twenty years on international fairs in Europe and Far East (Hong Kong and mainland China) as a certified interpreter and translator, you can trust that the work will be done in the most efficient and professional way. I also work as a proof-reader and editor.